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Force Ten Go To Facebook

Here are a few photos of Colleen and Mark's trip to Facebook HQ for Facebook blueprint live - training and updates on campaign structure, formats, bidding and everything ad manager.   Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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Using Dynamic UTM Parameters In Facebook Ads

At last! Adwords has had this for a long time, and finally Facebook has added the ability to dynamically create UTM parameters based on the most common components of an ad campaign. When this was announced, the sigh of relief from the Force Ten Office was...

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Facebook Advertising & GDPR

Just a quick GDPR update from Force Ten Digital with our thoughts around this up and coming change in legislation. Firstly a small disclaimer: we’re not lawyers and what follows isn’t legal advice. While we want all of our clients to continue to succeed...

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Facebook’s Feed Changes – What’s The Impact?

Facebook have a habit of being enigmatic and obtuse – and Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about changes in the newsfeed was no different. BUT it’s sent the world into absolute chaos. Let’s take a step back – and get a big picture view before we panic about...

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Click Reporting In Facebook

Clicks! Marketers and dolphins can't get enough of them, and while they definitely don't tell the whole story of how a Facebook ad campaign is going, they can be useful indicators of engagement and a handy method of measuring the success of fresh ad...

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Facebook – View As…

How to see what your Facebook page and posts look like to your friends and the public. The privacy settings on Facebook can be somewhat tricky to navigate sometimes, but this feature allows you to look at your profile as any of your Facebook connected...

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Is Facebook Listening To Your Conversations?

With the recent surge in interest regarding ads being presented to Facebook users which are relevant to user’s topics of conversation, I thought it might be worth visiting the subject for a quick roundup of the salient points. Does Facebook’s app include...

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How the Facebook Pixel Works

Tracking pixels When you put a website together, you typically start with the layout (so 12 columns, header positions etc.), and you have assets that you want to include on the page, alongside text (images, videos and so on). Whenever you load a site into...

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