Facebook Ad Management

Looking After Your Campaigns

What’s Facebook Ad Management?

There are both manual and automated elements involved in facebook ad optimisation. Typically when we create ad sets, we’ll include a variety of different ad formats, messages and images. This allows facebook’s algorithm to experiment with each in order to give us a pool of engagement data on which we can base optimisation decisions.


Creative Brief

Once we get a brief, our creative team get to work putting together the related campaigns (top level ad set groups), ad sets (typically multiple, all with unique targeting), and the ads themselves. Depending on the campaign objectives and the assets available to us, we’ll put together a selection of on-message ad styles and (once signed off) they’ll go live at the beginning of the campaign.



After a day or two’s activity we’ll typically have enough data to see which ads each audience is engaging with. This can vary depending on the target segment, so we review this by ad set. We may reduce the visibility of some ads at this point, but often we’ll allow facebook’s algorithm to continue testing, as there may be external circumstance (weather, day of week etc.) influencing the short-term data.


After a little more time, we’re able to get a clearer picture of individual ad performance, and we’ll also start to compare ad-sets themselves. If certain target-segments aren’t responding as well as others, we’ll take action to review, edit or move budget elsewhere. If there are star performers, we may increase their budget, further replicate their styling/format, or increase the audience size appropriately.


Our comprehensive reporting includes performance breakdowns by campaign, user demographics, click vs. view attribution, and any other stats you would like to see, so you’ll be able to see exactly which ad sets are working and hitting your goals. We’ll recommend changes and refreshes to ads when the data suggests it’s necessary (users might get overexposed to the same ad and lose interest for example), and we’ll always ensure that the top performing ads get the visibility our budget allows (and let you know when there are good opportunities to increase spend).

Our flat fee payment structure means we’re a rare breed of Facebook advertising agency that doesn’t take a cut of your media budget, so you can be confident that when we recommend a budget, it’s purely based on an opportunity to maximise return on ad spend.

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