Facebook Advertising

An Introduction

Your Market Is On Facebook


The granularity of segmentation and targeting on Facebook is second to none – using the data users provide manually, and through their activity on the site and on other websites carrying the facebook pixel, we can choose detailed custom audiences for ads, based on demographics, behaviours, interests or contact information.  It’s remarkably effective and ensures your marketing budget is spent only on your target market.



With a host of flexible ad formats that work perfectly across mobile, tablet and desktop there are multiple ways to get your product or service in front of the right people in an eye-catching, engaging way.  Our test and learn process gets us understanding and optimising quickly – building on the creative that gets results.  Retargeting strategies let us build conversations with engaged users, assist and inform them at core decision making points in their journey, or simply remind them of products they have already shown interest in.


Never before has so much insight into your customers been available.  Facebook lets us understand who converts, and build new audiences of users with similar profile characteristics.  It allows us to quickly understand customer demographics, their purchase journey and timescale, and the campaigns and ad sets that engaged and converted.  We can see direct and indirect attribution of conversions – a real eye-opener when it comes to understanding the customer journey.

When you consider the fragmentation of traditional advertising mediums and contrast that with the massive Facebook userbase, and the fact that users spend 50 minutes a day on average browsing the site (up from 2014’s 40 minutes) – it’s becomes a necessary part of any modern marketing plan.

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