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A large amount of the work we do with facebook at Force Ten is about driving revenue through purchase. Direct response (with a nod to purchase lag, retargeting, and view & click attribution) is our speciality. We’re used to working with cost per acquisition and sale value KPIs, and it has become our speciality. We’ve achieved some genuinely spectacular returns on ad spend for our clients, to the point where the potential of facebook as a marketing tool has opened a few eyes, and redirected a few budgets.

Of course, we would say that, but we have the data to back it up – all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you some examples and discuss how we can achieve the same results for you.

Facebook’s numerous ad formats, incredible targeting options and dynamic advertising options allow us to deliver your message or proposition in the ideal format to the right people, at the right time.

Segmentation & Structure

Ads will be split into sets targeting relevant market segments, using traditional demographics and less-traditional elements such as purchase behaviour, interests and life events.

Our campaigns typically adopt a funnel structure, with creative and messaging for entirely new customers in dedicated campaigns that introduce your brand, product or service to market segments we know are likely to be interested.

We’ll follow that up with mid-funnel campaigns designed to retarget those visitors who have shown interest, but not converted, and complete the set with bottom funnel campaigns that contain highly transactional messaging, product reminders and conversion triggers.

This approach ensures we have appropriate, segmented targeting and messaging throughout which ties your facebook marketing strategy into your overall marketing goals.

Customer Data

It’s not all new customer acquisition of course, using email lists of existing customers, we can target lapsed purchasers, keep brand awareness high amongst regulars, and encourage loyalty with rewards and promotions.

In addition, we can use existing customer groups such as email lists to generate ‘lookalike’ audiences to target – users that facebook considers to have similar profiles to those in the list. This is a great way of reaching a market with a high probability of engagement, as they’ll typically like a lot of the same pages and share the interests of existing purchasers.

There are numerous possibilities, and potential tactics to implement your strategy on facebook – at Force Ten, we’ve tried them all, measured them all, and we know which will do the job for you.

Try Our Test & Learn Approach

As your facebook advertising agency, our test and learn approach and continual optimisation means that your budget will be used more efficiently every week (with strategic reviews every month).

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